Skinner Middle School

Meet Skinner Middle School

Skinner Middle School, a Denver Public Elementary School located in Northwest Denver (40th and Lowell Blvd)
A proudly diverse community of learners, Skinner staff and students are engaged in a single-minded pursuit of high academic achievement for all, utilizing cooperation and collaboration as key strategies toward reaching that end. Our spotlight on the ‘whole child’ is evident as we offer not only superior Math and Literacy instruction, but enrichment courses, activities and community-building through our unique Learning Families.

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3435 West 40th Avenue
Denver, CO 80211
720-424-1420 (office)
720-424-1446 (fax)

Built in 1922 as one of the country’s finest examples of a “Junior High,” Skinner aimed to keep students in school by offering an enriched curriculum in order to meet the diverse needs of adolescents. Fast forward 90 years: A visit to Skinner Middle School reveals that very school, geared to the 21st century students. Our aim is now directed at preparing all students for high school and college and career readiness.   Skinner Vision

At Skinner Middle School, we envision:

  • A dynamic community of students and staff in constant active pursuit of high levels of academic and personal achievement.
  • An engaged community of students, staff and families who routinely collaborate to acquire and use the instructional, personal, and community resources that develop academic, social, and life skills that lead to success.
  • A learning environment that promotes academic knowledge and skills, and an intentional culture that promotes respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and points of view.
  • A learning community committed to individual and school-wide goals, and constant assessment of progress toward the achievement of those goals.